Lia and the peas –  or What is cancer?

For children who have a parent ill of cancer

When a parent falls seriously ill all the members of his/her family, but especially the children are affected and disturbed by the event.

Explaining an illness and its after-effects to children is often a difficult and complex task. A simple explanation often fails to reassure the child/teenager. It is therefore necessary to thematize the whole problem, the new daily life and the particular symptoms of the sick parent.

The book has been illustrated by 3 Swiss artists: Adrienne Barmann, Johan Walder and Tom Tirabosco.

Each case is unique and specific

For certain cancers, such as breast cancer for example, there are books dedicated to the topic. These books reflect in most cases, a very standard family structure: mom, dad and children. Yet the traditional family does not so often represent reality: The sick parent can be divorced and live alone. Or, he/she can live with a partner of the same sex. Children of sick parents may be accompanied by a grandmother, nanny, uncle, etc.


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